DSM 5.2 – What’s NEW – Synology – Network Attached Storage (NAS)

DiskStation Manager 5.2 The advent of always accessible data is reshaping our world in exciting ways, increasing business efficiency and unlocking creative opportunities for individuals. DiskStation Manager 5.2 continues to create new possibilities for your private cloud with more business applications and intuitive data management, so you can concentrate on achieving more at work or enjoying your free time.

Source: DSM 5.2 – What’s NEW – Synology – Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I JUST bought and got my DS2415+ today, a lightning fast 12 (!) HD model which can be upgraded to a 24 (!!!!) HD model by adding an extension unit.

And JUST today, Synology released their DSM 5.2 firmware (out of Beta), with Docker support and some other new, neat features.

That is a nice convenience… I am looking forward upgrading my new DiskStation right out of the box with it.

You can’t find that online service in your Sonos Controller?

Sonos is a great multi-room service with great speakers and your smartphone / tablet as controller. You can add several online services like Spotify and others to your account.

If you can’t find a service in your list, try setting another country on your Sonos account settings. Restart your controller and you should find the list of services of that country (e.g. Pandora, Songza and others for the USA).

If that service is geo-locked, you still need a way to get around that. I have configured the DNS based service Unblock-US with my router. How you do that with yours, is described here. All attached devices will have access e.g. to US or UK services. As positive side effect, you can have Netflix, even if it is not yet available in your country. I like it most for Pandora.


Cool iOS 8 Jailbreak stuff

What makes iOS 8 really cool? Jailbreak tools and programs!

New for iOS 8:

  • BetterWiFi 7: (works with iOS8) Extension for the standard wifi settings, shows more information about the networks, shows you the passwords of your SSIDs
  • CCSettings for iOS 8: obviously the successor to the well-known control center tweak for iOS7
  • CheeseCake: Android L screen switch off animation (looks really nice, even better than TVLocker Pro)
  • WiFi Explorer: useful WiFi scanner for 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz spectrum