Which iOS Jailbreak Apps make your iDevice really cool?

I have a long personal history with jailbreaking my iOS devices…

I had / have them all:

original iPhone iPad (64 GB WiFi)
iPhone 3G iPad 2 (64 GB WiFi)
iPhone 3GS iPad 3 (64 GB WiFi/3G)
iPhone 4  
iPhone 4S  
iPhone 5  

And I have started jailbreaking them as early as firmwares 1.xx .

It can be sometimes dangerous and cumbersome to jailbreak, but several Cydia apps are definitely worth the hassle. In this post I will try to keep a list of trusted and working Cydia apps. I will try to add a small description, if the function is not obvious.

Have fun checking out my list after the break…

And here it comes:

  • AdBlocker: an ad blocker for safari and other apps
  • AirServer: an AirPlay target for streaming audio / video from a mac or other iOS device
  • >>> Auxo <<<: a new and beautiful app switcher, see here for details
  • Barrel: 3D and other effects for icon page switches
  • >>> biteSMS <<<: InternetSMS with own “from” number, 7ct/SMS instead19 or 29ct (in Germany) (makes most sense for iPhone)
  • BlueToothIcon: an enable / disable BT icon for the home screen
  • Bluetooth Profile Selector: can configure, which BT profiles should be active and which not (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
  • BTstack Mouse: BLUETOOTH MOUSE on your iPad!!! perfect together with a BT keyboard or the keyboard dock (mostly iPad!?)
  • Chromizer: Some tweaks for iOS Chrome (e.g. full screen mode)
  • DashboardX: widget system for the home screen
  • DisplayOut: Springboard (= iPad Desktop) as well as ALL  Apps can be shown via an iPod-to-VGA connector on an external monitor, no matter if these apps can do the trick on their own (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
  • Five Icon Dock: well, it enables you to have 5 icons in your dock, obviously (e.g. biteSMS šŸ˜‰ )(iPhone, iPod touch) Better use Springtomize
  • Five Icon Switcher: 5 icons in the multitasking switcher (only for iOS4 and iPhone)(iPhone, iPod touch)
  • Gridlock: icons can be placed anywhere on the home screen grid
  • GuizmoDNS: 3G DNS settings for system preferences (manual settings for DNS on iOS)
  • HomeScreen Settings: Gets you a homescreen icon for every setting in your settings, with folder-like effect for options
  • >>> IntelliScreenX (6)<<<: TRUE successor of Intelliscreen, enables a plethora of functions on the lock screen, enables to check appointments, email, Twitter, Facebook, the weather and RSS feeds ON YOUR LOCKSCREEN; there is a new version for iOS 6.X
  • Lorem: remove notifications by dragging them out
  • Multifl0w: good looking multitasking switcher (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
  • My3G: tricks programs into thinking that they are in a WiFi network, although they are on 3G such as Facetime!!! (important for some programs which only work in WiFi) (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
  • MxTube: DOWNLOADS Youtube videos (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
  • MyWi 6: converts the iOS device into a 3G-WiFi Hotspot, which brings other WiFi (only) devices online (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), can also use BT and cable
  • NCSettings: Toggles for HW and more in the notification center.
  • Nitrous: speeds up alternative browsers (e.g. Chome for iOS), by allowing access to the Nitro JavaScript engine (normally only for Apple apps).
  • PKGBackup: backups Cydia programs for easy re-installation after firmware updates
  • ProTube HD: better Youtube
  • SBSettings: great program for the management of a HUGE amount of settings (On/Off: Wifi, BT, 3G, data, brigthness …), reachable just with a swipe (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
    • Airplane SBSettings Toggle: an additional toggle for Airplane mode
    • SBSettings VPN Toggle: well, a VPN on/off toggle of course
  • Smartscreen for iPad: gives your iPad lock screen a true meaning. You can add widgets to the screen
  • >>> Springtomize 2 <<<: The springboard customizing app to rule them all!! One neat app for so many functions. Has replaced “Five Icon Dock”, “Five Icon Switcher”, Old TV Tube and more for me and offers still many more functions I haven’t seen in other apps
  • TruPrint: Enables Printing with much more printers than AirPrint. Might not be supported on iOS6 anymore! Check before buying!
  • TVLocker Pro: nice “monitor off” animation, like an old cathode ray tube TV set
  • XBMC-iOS: The well known media center, which is available for a huge number of platforms, for iOS
  • Zephyr: brings gestures to the iPhone (e.g. up from the bottom edge for multitasking)

And here my iOS 7 collection:

  • Activator: useful for setting alternate input methods
  • App Activate Pro: actions for icon hold, double, triple tap
  • Barrel: nice transition for app pages
  • BiteSMS: completely new for iOS 7
  • Bluepicker: select BT devices via Activator, e.g. BT loudspeakers directly from the home screen
  • Calendar for Lockscreen: a nice “Intelliscreen” replacement, only showing calendar items
  • CameraTweak 2: brings some nice additional settings to the stock camera app (instead of being a seperate app)
  • CCHide: hide sections of control center
  • CCSettings: more toggles for iOS7 control center
  • DisplayOut: (oldie but goodie) useful for screen mirroring via cable (who does that anyway?)
  • iCleaner Pro: system cleaner and optimizer (separate repo needed)
  • MyWi 7: still good for tethering
  • PebbleStatus: status bar icon for a connected Pebble watch
  • RePower: more options at “Power down” view, e.g. reset, respring
  • Soft Remix for iOS7: squircle icons
  • Springtomize 3 – iOS 7: GREAT customization possibilities!!
  • StatusHUD 2: puts the volume HUD in the status bar (and not in your view all the time!!! Apple should seriously do that)
  • Winterboard: still the best solution for themes. I like