The last supper… a modern meme?

Can a mural painting from 500 years ago in a church in Milan still move modern thinking? Supposedly it still can!

Gizmodo, a well-known gadget site, often brings on really cool pictures on top of each post, some from own artists. Especially this post caught my eye, as I had seen a similar picture before. I commented to that post here by posting the “original painting” from Leonardo Da Vinci: The “Last Supper” has a long and moving history and certainly is a true masterpiece:

Obviously the 500 years old painting inspires artists still today, as the  awesome “adaptions” show after the break.

from “Battlestar Galactica

from “Lost

from “Star Wars

from “The Sopranos

with too many clowns… (this picture frightens me most!)

Mario and friends

some ad for gambling (WTF?)

a friggin tattoo!!!

even cats have a kind of last supper (they surely like the fish!)

some really questionable street fair poster of 2007 (again: WTF!???)

and many many more…