Cool iOS 8 Jailbreak stuff

What makes iOS 8 really cool? Jailbreak tools and programs!

New for iOS 8:

  • BetterWiFi 7: (works with iOS8) Extension for the standard wifi settings, shows more information about the networks, shows you the passwords of your SSIDs
  • CCSettings for iOS 8: obviously the successor to the well-known control center tweak for iOS7
  • CheeseCake: Android L screen switch off animation (looks really nice, even better than TVLocker Pro)
  • WiFi Explorer: useful WiFi scanner for 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz spectrum

Which iOS Jailbreak Apps make your iDevice really cool?

I have a long personal history with jailbreaking my iOS devices…

I had / have them all:

original iPhone iPad (64 GB WiFi)
iPhone 3G iPad 2 (64 GB WiFi)
iPhone 3GS iPad 3 (64 GB WiFi/3G)
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5

And I have started jailbreaking them as early as firmwares 1.xx .

It can be sometimes dangerous and cumbersome to jailbreak, but several Cydia apps are definitely worth the hassle. In this post I will try to keep a list of trusted and working Cydia apps. I will try to add a small description, if the function is not obvious.

Have fun checking out my list after the break…

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World record panoramic photo of London

On this page, you can enjoy a gorgeous virtual round trip of London. Many great sightseeing points can be viewed with a unprecidented level of detail – all in one photo. There are certain “landmark points”, as well as a virtual tour.

The panoramic view was stiched together from 8000 photos and is 400.000 x 200.000 pixels in sizes. Try that with your usual digital camera!

A personal tip: also try to look down, more or less where you stand and you can see Londoners in their daily life:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – How Not To Be A Noob

Hey, I really like that shooter: Battlefield Bad Company 2!!

However, a lot of gamers seem not to know how to play the game. They do horrible mistakes all the time and tend to stand in a corner and snipe the whole time until their tickets run out.

There are a couple of videos out there which can help to be a better player. Here they is one with simple tips that help to be a better player and teammate:

Install Windows via USB Stick

It is quite easy to install one of the more modern Windows variants using a USB stick. You simply have to execute the following steps, using a USB stick of 4 GB or more.

1. Make the stick bootable

from a DOS prompt execute: diskpart
list disk
select disk 1 (assuming disk 1 was your thumb drive in the above list disk command)
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32

Now the stick is bootable.

2. Windows files

Copy the contents of your Windows image or DVD to the base level of the stick.


Make sure that in your BIOS boot options, you have selected USB as primary boot option.

4. Booting

You will notice a significant boost in installation speed!! :-)

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